Download Game Killer 4.10 Apk Hack Tool for Android

Download Game Killer 4.10 Apk Hack Tool for Android

Game Killer apk | You are downloading Game Killer version 4.10 the latest version that available here and you can get it freely, you can find the download link at the bottom of this post, just scroll down until you can see the download link and then you can install it on your android smartphone or tablets. Game killer apk is a game hack tool that work fine on Android devices. you can hack any supported game simple and easy. But before you start using this hack tool, maybe you should know about what is Game killer exactly.

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What is Game Killer

Game killer is one of the most popular game hack tool for android, there are many android users search for this keyword. This tool have the same function with another hack tool, such as get coin, gems, money, score etc. you can edit any data or value in game with this tool. This hack tool is powerful enough to do some job, it is evident from the existence of an innate feature of the game killer. Such as, Search with exact number, hex edit, unload code etc. And one of the interesting thing of game killer app is that Game killer app is the most downloaded app that does not available in Google playstore, over 10 million users use this tool. This one is support maximum number of game and devices, you just need root access and android 2.3 + to run this app, If you ever use Cheat Engine on PC, game giller is as easy as Cheat engine, easy to use this app.


How it work

As we know that Game Killer is need root permissions to doing its jobs, So, to using this tool your devices must be rooted first. Game killer will modify the system file with root permissions, it allow us to cheat/hack any game/app that supported by this hack tool.



  1. Game killer apk has some of good features that will help you to use this tool easily, the latest version of game killer also has some good update and some of improvements, it make this version better than the previous version 3.11 .
  2. Gamekiller allow us to search game worth with exact number. So, it will be easy to find something that we are looking for.
  3. This Game hack tool is also allow us to search game value with unclear directions, for example, you search bigger or smaller value at game
  4. Lock the video game value to a repaired number
  5. This tool can be used on All Android devices i.e. tablets devices, mobile devices, and smartphones devices
  6. This tool support for Android 2.3 or higher, tested on Android 6.0
  7. Remember this : Gamekiller apk can be used to hack only offline games, if you think this tool can hack online game such as Clas of clan or something like that, just forget it, it wont’t work on online games
  8. Easy to use and easy to understand.
  9. Save/Load the taken care of list
  10. Touch GameKiller sprite to bring up the device during gaming
  11. HEX edit
  12. Unload code
  13. Bugs Fixed and much more.



How to Use Gamekiller

  • To start using gamekiller.apk, firs you must download the apk file, here below, I provide the download link, so you can download it to your devices freely
  • Once you done with download process, (it will not take much time, because the file size is small) you can install on your devices, just install it and if your devices prompt any notification, just allow it, maybe your security setting will notify you that this tool is from third party source. or maybe something, but don’t worry this tool is safe to use.
  • What’s next? now you can open the app, and then you can press home button to minimize this tool
  • Play the game that you want to hack, collect some coins if you want to hack coins or get some score if you want to get more score with this tool
  • once you get coins or scores needed, just open the tool (gamekiller app), you can tap on the floating icon of game killer.
  • enter the number of coins or scores that you’ve gotten before. and then search, now you can modify the result as you want.
  • If the results show multiple values, just play the game again, and try to get unique number of coins/scores, and then open game killer again, search again, until you get the single values as a search results.
  • Done. Try it by yourself



Download Game Killer apk

File Name            :    Game-Killer-4.10.apk

File Size               :    500KB

Download Link    :


Disclaimer : I don’t own anything, I just share the original file without any change, If you own this great game hack tool and want me to delete this file, just contact me.

game killer apk
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