Kingo Superuser for Android Root (KingoUser.apk v 2.1.5) Download

Kingo Superuser for Android Root (KingoUser.apk v 2.1.5) Download

Kingo SuperUser is SuperSU for Kingo Root or devices that was rooted by Kingo root apk. But it can be used to replace any SuperSU app. Every Android rooted devices need SuperSu /Superuser tool management to manage the root permissions. With the Root tool management, it will be easier to do any task. So If you install any root management app such as Kinguser, Kingo Superuser, SuperSu etc, your devices must be rooted first, or all the tool mentioned will useless, 😀 .



If your Android phone does not rooted yet, I suggest, Root your devices with any root tool that you can find at this blog firstly. You can choose to use, Kingo Root, Kingroot, 360root, iRoot, towelroot, framaroot or another one click root tool. But if you want to using Kingo Superuser as your root tool management, I would recommend by using the same product that is Kingo Root. you can download the apk file or the exe file here :

Kingo Root Apk The Latest Version

Kingo Root exe for PC 

How to Use KingoRoot 

You can select one of the two method that was offer by Kingo Android Root, just select one option you prefer.

kingo superuser for kingoroot apk and exe

Kingo SuperUser is a supersu management tool, you will need this tool after you root your devices. manage root permissions will be easier if you use superuser access management tool. for example, you can , prompt, allow, deny, grant root permission that was requested by any app that need root permission such as Titanium Backup, Greenify, Root Explorer or another root app. With Kingo Superuser as your root management tool, you can delete bloatware from your system, uninstall pre-installed apps, and more,..


Kingo Superuser Features

for more details, kingo superuser has some of good features, check the list below :

  1. Manage Root Access : Kingo Superuser can be use to manage superuser permission for every installed app on your phone, you can allow or deny the root permission for every app that need root.
  2. Set the permission : Kingo superuser can be set to remember the root permission for each apps, for example, you can allow, deny permissions and remember the permissions
  3. Notification : this root management tool will notif you if there are anything important, it will notif and can be configured per app
  4. Remove Bloatware : This root management tool will help you to uninstall bloatware and delete any system app that you don’t need
  5. Support 8 language : This root management tool is supported by 8 language, such as, English, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Turkish, German, French, etc
  6. and other features that you will find by using kingo superuser for android root.


Kingo Superuser Apk Download

File Name : KingoUser.apk
File Size : 3.6MB
Current Version : v 2.1.5
Download Link :



The apk file in this page, is original version from Kingo developer, all trademark, property, and all rights reserved by Kingosoft Technology Ltd. If you want more about, you can check their official site :

kingo superuser for kingoroot apk and exe
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