iRoot (RomasterSu_3.1.4.apk) Download for KitKat Devices (How to Use)


iRoot – How to root Android KitKat (4.4, 4.4.2, 4.4.4) Device with iRoot a.k.a RomasterSu.apk?

iRoot is one of the English Version root tool. iRoot, vRoot, RomasterSu, basically a same tool, you can use it to root your Android devices. And at this post, I will give you iRoot v 3.1.4 which this version, we can use iRoot /RomasterSu to Root any android devices with KitKat inside. This app will allow you to gain root access. it is very simple, and every android user can use this tool easily. If you try to root your KitKat devices with the manual method, you would have trouble if you do not know about programming. So, iRoot will help you to root Android 4.4 (4.4.2 and 4.4.4) with a few simple steps.

Before you root your Android. here are the things that you will get after get root access, 1. Install Custom ROMs, Remove Pre-installed app, remove/block ads, install incompatible apps, boost device’s speed and battery life, and many more. you can do anything to your Android devices, that you will not get because of restrictions of Root permissions.


If you have android devices withv 4.4 KitKat 4.4.2 or 4.4.4 OS, with any different phone brand such as Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Sony Xperia, Moto G, Xiaomi, Lenovo, or any mainstream model, you can try to use iRoot, because iRoot is also has a high success rate, you can try to use this tool if you have tried with another tool (kingo root, kingroot, 360root etc) and fail to root your devices.



How to Root Android KitKat 4.4 devices(4.4.2 & 4.4.4) Using iRoot (RomasterSu.apk)


iRoot is english version root tool app, so, when you are using this tool, I think you won’t get any difficulties because this tool is easy to understand, you can see the screenshot below, the menu list all with english language.

iroot for android 4.4.4 kitkat

Step 1. Make sure you have met the pre-requisite below before starting to root your Android 4.4 devices.
1. Charge battery at least 75%
2. Backup all important data
3. Get ready if your phone lose the warranty
4. Enable USB Debbugging mode, you can read how to do it by follow this link How to Enable USB Debugging mode for All Android 

Step 2. After all the poin above complete, go to the next step. Download the tool
There are two options, first iRoot for PC and the second iRoot Apk for Android. you can find the download link below.

iRoot Apk for Android

File Name : RomasterSu_3.1.4_160512_2075.apk
File Size : 6.8 MB
Current Version : v 3.1.4
Download Link :


iRoot for Windows PC

File Name :
File Size : 31.3MB
Current Version : 1.8.8
Download Link :


Choose the method which suits your needs to root your Android 4.4 devices, if you choose to root with iRoot for PC, you need some additional items, such as Windows PC and USB cable.


Step 3. Time to get root permissions
In this step, we are going to take action, using iRoot apk is as easy as using another app, we just need few tap to run this tool. So, don’t worry, I am sure, You will make it. Ok, first just decide what method do you want to try.. and then..


iRoot apk for Android :

  1. To using iRoot apk for android, nothing that much I can say. The only thing that you should do is, Download, Install, Run, Root, Done.
  2. Download the apk, you can find the download link above..
  3. Install the iRoot.apk
  4. Run the iRoot App
  5. Tap on The big root button..
  6. Wait until the process complete
  7. You will get the results, root success or root failed
  8. Done. Congratulation for success, Try another tool if your devices is not supported by iRoot.

iroot for android 4.4.4 kitkat

iRoot.exe for Windows PC

To using iRoot for PC, you have to set up some things like USB cable and Windows PC. after that, we went into Developer mode, and enable USB debugging mode.  follow the link, if you do not know how to activate USB debugging mode for Android KitKat. there are different way to activate the mode, Each android version has different way to Enable it.
Download iRoot.exe, The latest version is 1.8.8. and then install it to your windows PC, Just click next and next until iRoot was installed on your PC.
Launch the application. you will see user interface like the picture below.

iroot.exe for PC
Connect your Android devices and your PC with USB cable, just make sure, you have enabled USB debugging mode before you plug your android devices.
Back to the PC, Click “Connect device” button.
Wait until your devices is connected, if your devices does not connected, try to use another USB cable or plug in different USB port
and Click “Root” button, wait until the process complete and you get the results.
Hope you get root permissions successfully

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