How to Unroot KingoRoot with Kingo Root for PC v 1.4.9 (exe)

How to Unroot KingoRoot with Kingo Root for PC v 1.4.9 (exe)

What is KingoRoot?

kingoroot pc exe
At this page, we will discuss about Kingoroot Android PC version. maybe this page is still in thouch with Kingo Android version, but we will not discuss it.
What is Kingoroot? Kingo Root is a simple root tool to rooting your android devices. It is a free, easy, simple with one click root. this tool is also support for Android 5.0, 5.1 (Lollipop Devices). Kingo is also support android apk and PC version to get root permissions. these two offer the same way to get root access. but for PC version, there is a additional features to Unroot / remove root permissions from your devices with Kingoroot for PC (Computer version .exe).


Why Would someone want to unroot Android devices?

Many Android users are finding out about “How to get root access”, but, when their android is rooted, they get root access, the just want to restore the root or in other words, they just want to remove root access from their devices.
Sometimes, for some reason, we do not need Root, We just want to remove the root permissions on our android devices, whatever the reason, here are some common reasons that may be the reason for you to Unroot your Android.

  1. You want to get Verizon Updates
  2. return it to stock
  3. want the warranty back
  4. unroot for security reasons
  5. want to download OTA update



At this page, We will use Kingoroot Android for PC. before we start doing unroot process, there are some preparations. If you rooted your android using kingoroot for pc, I think, you will not confuse about how to prepare it, because, the unroot process basically same with the root process. you will be familiar with all of thing that I will mention below. But, if you never use kingo root for pc before, you must read it carefully. here below the step by step …


What do you need?

  • Download Kingoroot.exe , you can download the file by following this link below

Kingo Android Root

File Name : KingoRoot.exe (rar file)
File Size : 1.5MB
Current Version : v 1.4.9
Download Link :

Support Language : English, Rusia, Portuguese, Spanyol, France


  • Then Install it on your PC, Just Click Next and Next until the installation process complete. maybe Kingoroot will ask you to update the app, just update it to get the latest support file.
  • Make sure your Android devices has at least 75% of battery life, If it doesn’t, charge it.
    prepare USB Cable
  • Backup your important data
  • and the last, Enable USB debugging mode on your Android device. In this step, you can read this post > How to Enable USB Debugging Mode  . for activate USB debugging mode, every android version (Android 4.1, 4.2, 4.3 (Jelly Bean), Android 4.4.2 (KitKat), Android 4.4.4 (KitKat), Android 5.0 (Lollipop), Android 5.1 (Lollipop), Android 6.0 (Marshmallow), Android 7.0 (Nougat)) have different step, So, I recommend you to read it and do it correctly.


After the preparations is complete, Now, Go to the next step….


How to unroot with Kingoroot pc version


There are some method to unroot Android devices,
1. Unroot using the app that you used to root
2. Unroot by re installing Android via Mobile Odin (Flashing a stock ROM)
3. Universal unroot
4. Unroot via SuperSU, Kinguser or another root management tool


We will use the first option, because in this case, we use Kingo root app to root Android.

  • Step 1. In this case, I assume you have installed Kingoroot pc version on your computer. Launch the application …
    .unroot kingoroot for pc version download
  • Step 2. Put your USB cable and connect your Android devices to your Computer via USB cable. Make sure you have enabled the USB debugging mode before you plug your USB. when you plug your android, maybe it will ask to install device driver software. just let it install automatically until the driver installed, The computer will install driver for first time only, if you ever plug you android before or you root your android by using kingoroot pc, your computer will not install device driver again.
  • Step 3. After your device connected, you will be able to see the Phone model, “Remove Root” button and “Root Again” button
  • Step 4. Just Click on “Remove Root” button to start remove root permission. but before do that, make sure to see the ROOT status of your Android. and the unroot process will start, it may take several minute to complete, just wait, don’t unplug, don’t touch, don’t do anything with your Android.
  • Step 5. When it goes to 100% , your root permission was removed succesfully. Click “Finish”, unplug your Android and Reboot your devices.

Done, To make sure your root permissions was deleted, you can check by using Root Check Basic App.

kingoroot for pc version downloadkingoroot pc exe
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