Explanation About Error Code 0x1 While Rooting Samsung Devices

Error Code 0x1 While Rooting Samsung Devices


Well, Recently, Rooting an Android become something that many Android users search for, They search for how to doing root, what is the best root tool, etc. that is reasonably, cause Android Smartphone become a popular gadget and more people who use Android device increased significantly.

If you buy new Android phone, there are some pre-installed Apps from the manufacture, which are actually, the pre-installed app are not too needed. Pre=installed app which is known as bloatware, for some users, it’s not very useful, and only make internal storage memory becomes full and cause the system to weight. So, it’s better if the pre-installed Apps removed from the system, but to remove bloatware, your devices must have root permissions. or the user might want to rooting their Android device for another reasons such as custom ROM and others.


If you want to root your Android Phone, There are several ways to get root permissions, for example by Flashing use ODIN, by using One click root tool (kingroot, kingo root, 360 root, towelroot, framaroot, iroot, root master etc) and several other ways. There are many applications or tools that make it easier to root Android devices. however, sometimes the problem often arises when we root our android devices.Some of the problems that we might face is :


  • Root Failed
  • Unsupported devices
  • No Strategy found
  • No exploit mode
  • get Error code 0x1
  • and another root failed that you might face.


for some error can be fixed by enable the internet connection, because some root tool need Internet connection to root your devices, the root tool will contact the cloud services and choose the best root strategy for your devices. but in some case, you will see error code 0x1. what is it means?


What exactly does this error code 0x1?

Error code 0x1 is KNOX code of an Android’s Security System. The Error code is often found when we root the Samsung devices. its means, Error code 0x1 is more often encounter on a Samsung devices who the users want to get root permissions. for other brands, I do not really know and have never met, because the 0x1 code is a code of Knox Samsung security system.


Before we go to the topics, we should know about what Samsung KNOX is, you can read below …


What is Samsung KNOX?

Samsung Knox
Knox is Samsung’s defence-grade security platform built into our latest mobile devices. Our award-winning enterprise solutions are government-certified, and empower you to secure, manage and customize your business’s mobile devices.

For mor information, you can check here : www.samsungknox.com


In other word, Knox will defence your device from the rooting process that was doing by the users and ensure that the boot file on the system does not modified, or tampered. The workings of Samsung KNOX is to use the “Trusted Boot” to ensure some system files that are in the proper position and function, such as boot loaders, OS kernels, and script files associated with the kernel. Trusted boot is in TrustZone, somewhere in the android system equipped with the security protection.


So, KNOX will protect the system from the inclusion files installation of the OS kernel that does not come from or different with Samsung security system.


Explanation error code 0x1


Look at the picture below :


In last few Samsung Android devices, Samsung will provide updates KNOX security system, Samsung devices that will get update KNOX such as Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy Note II, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and the latest devices will be equipped with security KNOX system.


for some android users, perhaps, KNOX security system is a very good thing for their devices, because they use the device appropriately and in accordance with a system from the factory (default), but for some users who want to get root access, of course KNOX security will be a serious problem when you know its risks.


Now the question is, what will happen if we want to root android devices that use Samsung KNOX?


Basically, there are two states that exist in Knox Security system:

  1. Knox Warranty Status 0x0
  2. Knox Warranty Status 0x1


Knox Warranty Status 0x0 is a state where your warranty is still intact, you still use the system default from the factory, and you never do anything that touch Knox security system.


Knox Warranty Status 0x1 is a situation where you have lost your device’s warranty. And lose some of the benefits provided by Knox Security system that you will never get again.


Example : So when you root your Android phone, and you get an error with code 0x1, it means that you have damaged the system Knox and you lose the warranty. Because, basically, Knox will detect any program or file that is sign into the system that do not originate from the manufacture. So you will not be able to use Knox Service again.


If the Knox bit has been tampered:
• A new Knox container can no longer be created on such a device
• The data encrypted and stored in an existing Knox container can no longer be retrieved


If you have acquired Knox warranty void 0x01 status, the Warranty can not be revert again on such a devices, you can not reset the status to 0x0 back to normal again. The only way to get the warranty back is by replacing the PBA (Printed board assembly), which means replacing the hardware on Android devices.


How to check Knox Warranty Status on your devices?


it simple, use this app https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bryancandi.knoxcheck you can download from Google Play Store.


Fact about Knox Status 0x1


  • It is not possible to downgrade the system to disable Knox, if you try to downgrade from Knox-enable to disable, you will not get the latest firmware update.
  • Flashing Knox will result in 0x1 status
  • Flashing unsigned or modified images via ODin will set Knox to 0x1 (include flashing root/kernel/recovery/etc.)
  • KNOX can not be reset
  • KNOX can not be removed
  • No Custom ones possible without voiding the Knox Warranty
  • etc


If you have rooting your device, flashing or anything on your Samsung devices, my advice just forget about the warranty, because you really have lost it.
So before you root any Samsung Android devices, please thing again about the risks. If you prefer to root, get root permissions, changing room, and other, you can ignore the error code 0x1, so, all up to you, I hope this information is useful.

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