Kingo Root FAILED and How to Fix

Kingo Root FAILED and How to Fix

Hello guys, I will share about Kingo Root Error that you might face when you are using this root app, There are some fail moments that maybe you will find ( there are many factors that cause errors, ) So, its depends on you too. But before we start, you can check my previous post about how to use kingo root app, check the link below…

Kingo Root for PC Tutorial

KingoRoot Apk for Android Tutorial


If you’ve been following the steps How to using Kingo Root to rooting your Android devices correctly but still has an error, Here are some of the errors that may occur and how to fix it.. I don’t give 100% guarantee, but I think, you should try the steps below, if it does not success, you may not be lucky … 😀 I am sorry to hear that :v


OK lets check it…


Kingo Root FAILED 

Read This : Explanation About Error Code 0x1 While Rooting Samsung Devices

Error 1. Kingo [ERROR] Root Failed! ConnectionUnstabitil
Cause :
Multi-device connections, when you face this error, don’t be panic, Kingo can not establish the connection between your devices
Solutions :
– Try to check if you connect another Android devices, If yes, unplug another devices and try to re-root again
– Check, is there any Android Emulator is installed on your PC? if there are any Android emulator, Kingo will read the emulator as another devices, so it will cause an error, if you have any Android emulator / App Player Such as, Bluestack, YouWave, Andy Android, Geny Motion, or Something like Samsung Kies/HTC sync Manager, try to kill the process or uninstall it first , it might cause Kingo Root Failed and then try to re-Root again.

Error 2. Root Failed with Kingo Root for PC (Android_Root.exe)
When you are using Kingo for PC, and get Failed Error Messeges when rooting process was done, there are two posibileties,..
first “No avaiable Exploit Mode” for your devices(your devices did not supported by Kingo), just try another Root Tool or if you want to use kingo, wait the new update of Kingoroot
second Bootloader is locked, nothing to do if your bootloader was locked by manufactur, but you can try to unlock your bootloader, if the bootloader was unlocked successfully, you can use kingo root to root your devices again.

Cause : Unknown Reason
Solutions : Uncheck The “DeveloperOption” on your Devices Setting that asks to “Verify apps via USB”, if it does not solve your problem try to root and get fail until you get Disclaimer Pop-up (Some people do that, and it work)

Error 4. Kingo Root Waiting for Devices
Try to re-Unplug your devices, make sure you have a normal and good USB cable


If you are still face any error when using Kingo Root, you can use anohter Root tool alternative such as, kingroot, towelroot, iRoot etc, some root tool will support your devices and work fine with your Android. Just don’t give up 😀

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