How to Root Use KingoRoot Apk for Android Without PC


Tutorial how to use Kingo Root Apk Without PC | KingOroot apk is one of root tool for android that will help you to grant root permissions easily. With the excellent features that allows you to get root access with a few simple steps and easy way, with just a few minutes you will find your root solution.

In this tutorial, I will try to explain how to use kingoroot, don’t be afraid, because it is easy to use, just follow these simple steps. But before we start, I would just remind you that the risk of rooting Android devices, Kingo root will void your warranty, root at your own risk, but there is one pissible way that you can try to unroot your devices, but this does not guarantee you will get full root back, in some cases, depending on android you are using. Kingo have “Remove root/unroot” features, just try it.

Prerequisites :

Make sure your battery level is more than 60%
Make sure you have a high speed internet connection, Wi-Fi recommended
Enable the “Unknown sources” at the security setting of your apps before installation


Step by Step how to use KingOroot Without PC

Step 1. Download KingoRoot.Apk first.
Here I provide the download link of kingo root for android, you can download directly by follow this link


Step 2. After downloading is complete, you can install it, if you were not enable “Unknown sources” in the security setting, you will get a prompt, and you must enable it if you want to install the app from the other source.


Step 3. Start Rooting
After installations is complete, now you can launch the Kingo root app to start rooting your Android devices, you can see the pictures below, Kingo Root has a simple user interface with big padlock button at the center and the “One Click Root” button… to start rooting, just tap on the “oneClickRoot” button


Step 4. Just waiting until the Root Process is done, it will take a few seconds to get root access, you will know if your devices root successfully or maybe failed, If you fail, just try another method, Kingo Root for PC.


Step 5. Done, Now you can restart your devices.


Here, I just share the original apk file of Kingo Root,all right reserved by kingoapp.

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