Download Kingo Root 1.4.9 exe for PC Windows Latest Version + Tutorial

Kingo root exe v 1.4.9 for PC Free Download Windows Setup English

Tutorial how to root Android with Kingo for PC | Now, I will post a instructions about how to root Android 4.4 (4.4.2 and 4.4.4) by using Kingo root software for Windows, in this case, I use Windows 10, this kingo for pc could be your alternative if you have failed root your android devices using kingo for Android. you can read my last post about rooting for android use this app … Read Here. ……………………………………………………………………..


Ok, before we start, Kingo Android root for pc can be used for almost Android mobile brands and its also support Android 2x – 5.0. You can root such as Samsung devices, HTC devices, Sony devices, Google devices etc, and with new integrated scripts, you can root android 4.3, 4.4 and some of Android 5.0 devices. Ok, let start…


Prerequisites :

Windows PC with internet connection
Android devices with more than 50% battery
Good Quality USB Cable (original recommended)
Make sure your firewall and Antivirus are disabled temporary
Enable USB debugging of your Android devices
Enable “Unknown Sources” in the security setting of your devices


Read This : How to enable USB Debugging Mode for All Android

Step by step Root with KingoRoot for PC


Step 1. Download Kingo_Android_Root.exe from the link at the bottom of this post, it is free download

Step 2. Install Kingo_Android_Root.exe that you’ve downloaded on your Windows PC, Just click NEXT until it done and then launch it.

Step 3. Connect your Android devices to your PC via USB Cable, At this process, just make sure, you have enabled the developer option , Kingo for PC will detect your devices and download the driver of your devices and then install it automaticaly, this process need internet connection, just wait until the proces is done, and your driver installed successfully.

Step 4. Go to your Android devices, you will be able to see a prompt “Always allow from this computer” that you must tap “OK“,

Step 5. Start Rooting, When your devices driver was installed successfully, you will be able to see a big “ROOT” button, Tap on it to start rooting your android. When the process begin, Please DO NOT unplug/touch/perform any operation, just leave your Android devices until the root process complete, Kingo will try some exploits mode on your devices and your device will reboot several time, but don’t worry, it is normal.

Step 6. Done, You will get the result, you will get notice if your devices has rooted successful or just another failed 😀


Download Kingo Root for PC Free


File Name : Android_root.exe (Kingo Root for PC v 1.4.3)
File Size : 17.2 MB
System Req : Android 2.x, 4.3, 4.4, 4.4.2 , 4.4.4 ,5.0
Dev : KingoappTeam
Direct link via

Kingo Android Root exe 1.4.9

File Name : KingoRoot.exe (rar file)
File Size : 1.5MB
Current Version : v 1.4.9
Download Link :

Support Language : English, Rusia, Portuguese, Spanyol, France

I hope, kingo support your devices and you can root your devices successfully, if you fail, you still can try another kingo root alternative, such as Kingroot, iRoot etc.

And the last, Do with your own risk.

Download Kingo Root 1.4.9 exe for PC Windows Latest Version + Tutorial | bestrootapk | 4.5