List of Free Root Apps Apk to Rooting Your Android 2016


Bassicaly, Rooting is a procces that allow you to grant Superuser access on your Android devices. You can do anything from any devices that have been rooted, anything you want by your own risk. When you have a root access, you also can access root folder and make any changes or modify to the filesystem on your devices, You can control the Administrator Privileges by your self. With the root access, you will get some of Benefits, But there are some of disadvantages. Some benefits by rooting your Android devices such as : you can Install Custom ROMs, Run Special Apps and incompatible apps, Save Space on your phone, Backup And Restore Android System, And full control your Android (change boot images, delete bloatware, unlock features etc).

When you want to root your Android, you need an app or tool that will help you to root your devices. The apps is called Root Apps, These apps is designed to help and ease you when you need to root, There are many root apps that you can use on your devices, you can check  root tool below :

List of Free Root Apps Apk to Rooting Your Android 2016

List of Root Apps for Android 2016

1. Kingroot
Kingroot is the popular root apps for android, This root app offer One-Click features, With Kingroot app, you can grant root access with just simple steps. Kingroot apk is also support from Android 2.x – Android 5.0 . Kingroot is also support almost all devices, there are many Android device with different brand and model was rooted by Kingroot Succesfully, This root apps has high succes rate. The Latest Version of Kingroot is v 4.6.5, you can read more about Kingroot by follow this link.

2. KingoRoot
Another Root app that offer One-Click features. You can use this apps for free. Kingoroot is support root for Windows PC and via Android. Kingo is also support almost Android phone, Samsung, sony, HTC, ZTE, Asus etc, Almost Android Phone brand can be rooted by Kingo Root Succesfully. Kingo Root is also cover Android 1.5 – 5.0 , So you no need to worry about this one. The latest version of this apps is 1.4.0, if you want another version, you should check this post.

3.  Root Master
Root Master, basically is a Chinnese apps, Root Master was released in Chinesse language, but, The newer version, Root Master come with English, There are a lot of Android user get dificulty when they use root master, so the developer release the English versoion. The latest version of this app is v 2.1.1. Root Master have some similarity with Kingroot, The two offer One-Click and just simple steps to get root acces, Root master is also cover almost Android phone brand. Read more about Root Master by follow this link.

4.  Baidu Root
Baidu root is one of the root apps that cover more than 6000 Android phone models. There are two options if you want to use this root apps, first, you can use Baidu root for mobile and the second, you can use Baidu root for your PC. If you have android 2.2-4.4 you can try this one. Baidu root is one of easy apps, you just need a few simple steps to use this app. Read more, Baidu Root app by follow this link.

5.  360 root
Baidu root app ia another Chinesse tools, its means, Baidu root was released in Chinnese language, It will be more difficult when you use 360 root and you don’t understand Chinesse. you need to translate or look for a manual how to use 360 Root app. 360 root have some features, such as, safe root, support almost Android phone, Root managemen etc, you can try this one, the latest version of 360 root app is 7.0.7. If you want to know more about 360 root apps you can folow this link.

6.  Towelroot
Towelroot is a root app with lambda symbols. to use this app and get root access you just need to tap on the lambda symbols. Towelroot is claim that this tool have a high success rate, it is support Android phone models. So just try to know how powerfull this tools. Read more here.

7.  Vroot / iRoot
vRoot is the other name for iRoot, if you ever hear about these name, it is same app. iRoot is one of the best free tool for root your Android phone. vRoot is also cover large number of phone models. this app come with Chinnesse but there are English version for this app, so don’t worry, because iRoot is easy to use and easy to understand. Read it more here.

8.  Framaroot
Framaroot is the other best free root apps that cover Android 2.3+ – Android 4. this root app is also covered almost phone models, The different betweetn framaroot and other root apps is you can choose exploit mode that available on it. and with Framaroot you can Quick Unroot. for more about framaroot, you can read it Here.

The root app list above is the best root apps that you can use to root your devices, there are some benefits and disadvantages by using each apps, you can try it by yourself to make sure which one is the best. If you have another root apps, or want to recommend, I will be happy to add it to the list above, just leave a comment below. Thanks

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