Kingroot Download All Versions Apk and PC


Free Download Kingroot App All Versions (Android Apk and PC)

Kingroot is a root tool for Android that with just a tap, you will get root access of your Android phone. This tool is very powerfull and awesome root tool. Why this app is powerfull? Because this app support more than 100.000 devices, android 2.x – 5.1, and why kingroot apk is awesome? Because this root toll has higher success rate than other similar root tool.
Kingroot Download All Versions Apk and PC
In this post, I will share all versions of Kingroot, The apk file for Android mobile and the Exe Setup for Windows PC, And this post will be update if there are update of Kingroot the latest versions.

General Features of Kingroot App

Before you download the tool, I think you should know about the features, it will help you to understand easily. Lets check it…

Features 1. One-Click Root
One-Click Root is the highlighted features, Kingroot offer a easy way to grant Administrator priviliges, Yes, With just one single tap on the screen and the app will work for you. Very easy and simple. Just a few steps and it done!, First you need to download kingroot and install it on your Android phone, open the app, and tap on the “Root” button, wait the procces, and done, your devices is rooted successfully 😀

Features 2. Comes as Apk file and Executable setup for PC
There are two option if you want to using Kingroot, first you can get root directly from your Android devices by using the Apk, and if the first method is fail, you can try to use Kingroot for PC, King Root PC is also simple and easy to apply.

Features 3. Give the best Exploits mode
DO NOT turn off you mobile data connection or your Wifi, Stay it ON, Why?? Because when the root procces begins, Kingroot will try to search the best exploits mode for your Android devices and then download it.

Features 4. No Data Loss
Kingroot is safe to use, you no need to worry about your data, Using kingroot wont affect your data a little, So your contacts, pictures, videos, musics on your Android devices will be safe.


Kingroot All Version Download

Download Information for Latest Version Kingroot 4.8.1
Filename : NewKingrootV4.81_C136_B245_xda_release_2016_02_29_105243.apk
Uploaded :  2016-Mar-01 04:18:42
Size : 8.59MB



KingRootSetup_v3.1.0.1125_105002.exe (Windows PC version)


From the link I given above, you can choose what version do you want to download, just click the link and it will be download automatically to your PC.


Note : Root Android with any root tool will void the warranty, so take your own risk. Kingroot was developed by Kingroot Studio, I did not own anything, I just share the apk file in my blog. it is free to download.

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