How to Unroot Kingroot and Uninstall KingUser


How to Unroot Kingroot and Uninstall KingUserĀ 

Well, Before you read this post, This post is only for Kingroot user only, its means, whoever that was root their Android devices using Kingroot apk, if you did not root your Android using Kingroot, Please Stop Here.!! šŸ˜€


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Kingroot is one-click root tool that has a high success rate, you can use this app for more than 100.000 phone models supported, And support to Android 2.x – Android Lollipop 5.1. But at this time I will not discuss about the Kingroot’s benefits. If you are in this page, its means, you are searching for a tutorial How to unroot Kingroot or Uninstall Kinguser from your Android, with various reasons to Unroot your rooted phone, for example : you are boring with your rooted phone, or maybe you want to get the new official update from your phone, so you want to unroot it first, yeah whatever, essentially the same thing. In this case, I use Kingroot 4.1, for another versions, I think it has a same way to Unroot.

We all know that root process will void the warranty, and many Android user say that the Unroot process will bring the warranty back, But I am not so sure about it, I am not sure that uninstall kingroot (unroot) will get the warranty back 100%, it is just my opinions. Ok,, Lets start..

Prerequisites :

1. Uninstall Kingroot application first
2. Your battery is more than 50%, just to avoid things that are not desirable
3. Make sure you root your Android devices using Kingroot
4. We cant guarantee that follow this tutorial will remove KingUser successfully, Why? Because there are many possibilities that might occur. But don’t worry,.. I think if you follow the steps correctly, you will Unroot your phone successfully.


How to Unroot Kingroot and Uninstall KingUser

– Ā If you have not uninstall Kingroot App yet, do it first (Go to Setting > Apps > Search for Kingroot App > Clear Cache > Clear Data > Uninstall)


– Ā If Kingroot App was removed from your Android, Now you can search the KingUser App in your App menu list, And then tap on it. Look the screen capture below, in the right corner you will see a gear icon, Click on the Gear…and you will Enter the General Setting of KingUser.


– Ā There are a few of options, Click on “Root Authorization Setting


– Ā And then, if you be able to see “Remove Root Permission”, Just tap on it


– Ā And look the pictures below, There is a messages that need your action, if you are sure to remove root/unroot your phone, just tap on the “Clear” button to begin the unroot process…


– Ā Once the process Unroot begin, just wait until the progress done


– Ā And when it done, your Android has rooted successfully. Restart your phone
– Ā And the last, you can uninstall KingUser App as usual, just like uninstall another apps.

To confirm that you’ve done it correctly, you can check your root status with any Root Checker App, you can get from Google play store.



Note :Ā When you uninstall Kinguser app and remove root access / Unroot from your Android, If there are any applications that need root permissions, you will not be able to use its. Just it…!!



Unroot Kingroot Issues

Issues that maybe happened when remove KingUser / Unroot Kingroot, I get this issuses from the Official site :

Issue 1.

Issue 2.

Issue 3.Ā 


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If you have another issues when you unroot kinroot your Android devices, I will be happy if you participate in comment sections, Good luck…

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