Download Kingroot for PC English Version and Tutorial

Tutorial how to use King Root PC , English Guide with Pictures and free download root tool. At this post, I will try to write about How to Root Android phone with Kingroot PC version, King root for PC will be the best alternative if you have failed when you are using Kingroot apk for mobile. There are two methods to use KingRoot, that we all know that this root apps is one of the best One-Click root apps for Android, the first method, you can root your Android devices directly from your mobile phone by using King Root Apk and the second method you can use King Root from your PC, yes, KingRoot.exe, setup from your Windows PC.

Now, we start the Tutorial, Follow the steps below, This methods need a USB cable to connect between your Android devices and your Windows PC


Step by Step Root Android by Using KingRoot for PC

Steps 1. Download KingrootSetup.exeyou can download Kingroot for PC the latest version from the link below(Current Version 3.1), It is free to download 🙂
File Name : KingRootSetup_v3.1.0.1125_105002.exe (Desktop Version)
File Size : 24,30MB
Direct Download Link


Step 2. After download is complete, Then you can install it to your PC.


The installation procces will be more difficult if you are not accustomed to install the application on a PC, because Kingroot for PC is not come with English, but at this post I will translate for you, with the pictures step by steps, for Installation proccess, follow the pictures below.Explanation :
Run the setup you have downloaded before by double-click the exe, and then you will see this Chinesse word : “下一步(next)”, “安装(install)”, “完成(finish)”,
After you run the setup file, just click “Next” , and then choose “Accept” option and “Next Again”, you can see the pictures for more details.

You will see like the picture below, choose the file location that you want to install Kingroot.exe for PC, or you can just make it default and click “Next”

Wait a moment while installation proccess is running, and when its done, just click “Finish”, and done, The second steps of install Kingroot PC run successfully.

Step 3. Connect or plug your Android phone and your computer by using USB Cable that you have prepared before.

When you plug your Android devices, Kingroot will automatically detect your Android version and your Phone models, its need your device driver, Just wait a moment if your driver is not installed on your PC, Kingroot pc will install your devices driver for you, but you must have internet connection to do this task, because Kingrootpc will download it for you. But if your devices driver was installed on your PC before, KingrootPC will detect it automatically.

Step 4. Go to your Android devices and enable USB debug mode.

Read This : How to enable USB Debugging Mode for All Android


To enable USB debug mode, there are different step that you must do it on your Android devices, Every Android version have different steps to enable it, look the picture below

– Android 4.2 – 5.1

– Android 4.0 – 4.1.2

– Android 2.1 – 2.3.7


Step 5. Start to root by click the “try to Root” button “尝试Root”


Kingroot will try to find solution for your Android device and try to employ multiple exploits on your Android, This step will take a few minutes to find the best solution for your Android devices, just wait the proccess until its done, In the rooting procces, DO NOT touch, move, unplug, and perform any operation on your devices, your devices will be rebooted several times, it is a normal procces. just keep calm until it done. 😀


Step 6. Root done and succeeded, now you can close the KingRoot PC.


Your devices will reboot itself, dont operate it until it done, hopefully your android is supported by Kingroot, Now you can check your Device root status. How to check? Just find a new app installed on your Android phone, If you see a Kingroot app on your Android, its mean you have succeed root your Android.

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Note : Try with your own risk, I will not take any responsibilty with any error caused by follow this steps, I’ve rooted my Xiaomi Successfully by using KingrootPC.

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